No Matter What Yoga Studio You Enter It Should Always Be A Positive Place To Practice/ Find Out If The Yoga Studio Is For You/ Also some yoga etiquette

Hi everyone, today I want to touch base on how you should personally feel at any yoga studio that you attend, rather it is  hot yoga, warm yoga, basic yoga or gentle yoga. No matter what type or style of yoga you choose, the studio and instructor should always make you feel welcoming, you are not a number you are a human being. Rather you are new to yoga or have been practicing for a while, this feeling should never change. Always give yourself enough time to arrive to any yoga studio and always inform the instructor of any new or old injuries so he/she can be mindful of your limitations during class and offer you modifications needed to assure your safety and comfort level. Leave any cell phones or electronics devices out of the yoga room, this is not yoga like to bring in the room with you and very distracting to others. Know that yoga is an individualized journey and should be honored in that way and yoga is not a competition with others. GOSSIP, COMPLAINING, and NEGATIVE ATTITUDES ARE NOT FOR A YOGA STUDIO. Rather being positive, gentle in voice, thoughts and attitude respects those who come to yoga for a safe, uplifting, and truthful environment. We all attend yoga for many different reasons, it could be mental, physical or healing, so always have respect for others. Once you enter the yoga room be respectful of other students whom take advantage of the few minutes prior to class to meditate and clear their mind. Once you are on your mat this is your time to leave everything outside the door you walked into for after class, learn how to let yourself go and enjoy every moment. After class is over take with you what you have learned rather if you liked the class, instructor, or the studio itself. Sit for minutes and ask yourself these questions to know if this yoga studio was for you. Was the studio welcoming? Did you have positivity in the studio and the yoga room? Did you gain from the practice? Do you feel a great sense of peace, relaxation and inspiration? Was the instructor friendly? Did he/she make you feel safe? Was he/she knowledgeable ? Did she/he offer modifications? If you answered yes to these questions you found the yoga studio for you, congratulations! Spread the sense of peace to others throughout your day that you have just felt by attending this yoga class. I am honored I can give some tips and advice on finding the yoga studio that is for you along your yoga journey. Enjoy the day and have a peaceful one.    Namaste’ Connie


Author: Yogablissgrammyforlife

I am a mother, grandmother and a E-RYT 200 hr yoga instructor whom loves everything about yoga day and night. I began practicing yoga in 2007 to add variety into my exercise routine. I quickly became passionate about yoga and fully dedicated to my practice. Yoga has completely transformed my mind, body, soul and allowed for self discovery. I furthered my practice over the years through countless hours of classes and workshops from teachers across the country. After so many years of practicing yoga I wanted to share my passion with others, that is when I received my 200 hour certification through Yoga Flow in Pittsburgh PA. I went on to teach students the love I have for yoga. I started this blog to help others embark on the journey of yoga, to give everyone a chance to fall in love with the art, no matter what age or body shape you are. I want to spread my knowledge on safe alignment in yoga poses by posting a yoga pose and breaking it down for you, maybe for you to try or to further your practice. I want to share my true passion that I deeply hold for yoga and to help yogis with my own personal opinions of yoga products that work for me or that don't.

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