TriPod Headstand Pose/Sirsasana II (Learn how to do this beautiful pose)

Hi everyone, hope  everyone has been enjoying a positive and blessed life! Today I want to touch base on this beautiful and challenging inversion called tripod headstand. The main benefit of the pose is it builds up your core strength, it also stretches your abdominal and leg muscles. Tripod also enhances mental awareness, improves balance and confidence. This inversion is also known as a natural healer for headaches, congestion, stress, fatigue, and poor circulation. Know that most importantly  always listen to your body, we are not all alike and that makes us all special in our own way. Before attempting this inversion, if you suffer from any neck, back, arm, shoulder issues, high blood pressure or glaucoma, contact your doctor to make sure this pose is ok for you. Lets begin to take on the various steps of this pose, first make your way up to tabletop position, spread the fingers wide, second finger forward, wrists stacked under your shoulders. Next place the top of your head on your mat,(crown) making sure it’s on the flatness of the head (you can always place a towel or pad under your head). Slowly start to lift your hips and knees off the mat walking your feet closer towards your face without losing the wrist and elbow  alignment, if this happens slide your hands back to achievement the alignment once again. Once you walk them closer , place one knee on the back of your arm one at a time using it as a shelve and engaging your core,(take your time don’t hurry) bring the big toes to touch pointing your toes. Try to make sure your elbows don’t fall out to the sides,(as you can see in my pic of full pose elbows are falling out, lets face it no one is perfect lol). Keeping the alignment slowly activate your core squeezing your bent legs as one and slowly lifting your legs up to the sky, point your toes. Your bhandas are active along with your legs and your core. Make sure that your shoulder blades are glued to your back, and your lengthening your neck. It’s very important to engage your core and center your energy, just envision it as a straight line from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, protecting your whole spine. Enjoy every moment being upside down in this beautiful inversion, learn to let go and stay positive, mindful and at peace. Have a beautiful day! Namaste’  Connie tripod headstand


Author: Yogablissgrammyforlife

I am a mother, grandmother and a E-RYT 200 hr yoga instructor whom loves everything about yoga day and night. I began practicing yoga in 2007 to add variety into my exercise routine. I quickly became passionate about yoga and fully dedicated to my practice. Yoga has completely transformed my mind, body, soul and allowed for self discovery. I furthered my practice over the years through countless hours of classes and workshops from teachers across the country. After so many years of practicing yoga I wanted to share my passion with others, that is when I received my 200 hour certification through Yoga Flow in Pittsburgh PA. I went on to teach students the love I have for yoga. I started this blog to help others embark on the journey of yoga, to give everyone a chance to fall in love with the art, no matter what age or body shape you are. I want to spread my knowledge on safe alignment in yoga poses by posting a yoga pose and breaking it down for you, maybe for you to try or to further your practice. I want to share my true passion that I deeply hold for yoga and to help yogis with my own personal opinions of yoga products that work for me or that don't.

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