Welcome to the New Year


Happy New Year to everyone! This year may be different for you, or it might even stay the same, if you don’t take the time to grow with your journey in life. Sometimes in life we need a change, to grow, to move forward, maybe to get out of a bad circumstance,  to change something we don’t like about us, or sometimes even change our surroundings. At some point in life we all face struggles and challenges,  the important thing is how you deal with them. Know only you can change what you don’t like, are you judging someone? are you surrounded by people who aren’t a great influence in your life? Whatever the circumstance is it can be changed by you. Commit to what it is you need to change along your journey, set your intentions to see you through, and by all means change it. Maybe you don’t need to change anything and that is ok, just add more happiness into your life. Maybe give some of that happiness by listening to someone who really needs a listening ear. Lend a helping hand to someone who needs it and would not ask. Challenges in our lives are created as our test, it’s how we learn from that challenge and apply it to our journey that counts most. Struggles are real,  no matter what the struggle is, learn where it is coming from, apply it to your journey and change it. Life is a journey in time, knowing life can change in an instant, let the past go and focus on today. Live a life of serenity, not a life full of regrets.  You can’t change what happened yesterday, but know you can change today!       Namaste’ Connie


Author: Yogablissgrammyforlife

I am a mother, grandmother and a E-RYT 200 hr yoga instructor whom loves everything about yoga day and night. I began practicing yoga in 2007 to add variety into my exercise routine. I quickly became passionate about yoga and fully dedicated to my practice. Yoga has completely transformed my mind, body, soul and allowed for self discovery. I furthered my practice over the years through countless hours of classes and workshops from teachers across the country. After so many years of practicing yoga I wanted to share my passion with others, that is when I received my 200 hour certification through Yoga Flow in Pittsburgh PA. I went on to teach students the love I have for yoga. I started this blog to help others embark on the journey of yoga, to give everyone a chance to fall in love with the art, no matter what age or body shape you are. I want to spread my knowledge on safe alignment in yoga poses by posting a yoga pose and breaking it down for you, maybe for you to try or to further your practice. I want to share my true passion that I deeply hold for yoga and to help yogis with my own personal opinions of yoga products that work for me or that don't.

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