con crow good one

Hi everyone hope you are having a beautiful day! I would like to help you get into this wonderful pose called Crow Pose. Most important is always listen to your body , what it is telling you, how far you can go without pushing your limit. Always start off slow building up into the pose, there is no rush the pose will be there when you are ready. Let us begin by coming down into a squat position leaving the heels of the feet lifted, taking the knees apart while keeping the feet touching. Next, Stretch your arms as far forward as possible, lengthening through the spine, shoulders, and the arms. Spread your fingers wide, thumbs approx 5 to 6 inches apart, next slowly start to drag those hands back towards your body bringing the hands underneath your shoulders planting the hands firmly down. Next, start to lift your buttocks from your heels,  placing your wide knees as high as you can into your armpits, start to walk your gaze, focal point, slowly forward, leaning forward to bring the weight more into your hands,  squeezing the knees into the armpits pressing firmly into the hands ,while lifting the belly and the hips, start to explore by lifting one foot from the mat at a time placing the foot back down (it’s all about walking your gaze forward in this pose). Eventually,  bring the big toes to touch, lifting effortlessly the belly toward the spine while drawing the pubic bone back and up, all along keeping your gaze focused trying to straighten your arms. A great modification is to place a block under your feet and blankets or a pillow under your face, incase you have fear as your body will rock forward and the sensation feels like you are going to fall. This pose strengthens the arms, wrists and abdominal muscles. Enjoy every moment of taking flight into this beautiful calming pose. Thank each and every one of you as I continue to follow your yoga journey through life. Namaste’ Connie